Salaam Namaste


Falling in love. It’s very easy to do. Being in love–now that’s the tough part. Nick (Saif Ali Khan) is a chef; Ambar (Preity Zinta) is a radio jockey. They’re young, they’re cool, they’re independent, and together they make the PERFECT pair. Or do they? Surrounded by quirky friends, bosses, and landlords, but far away from home, Nick and Ambar take a huge leap of faith as they decide to move in together and tiptoe toward getting to know each other. They’re attracted to each other but they fight. They live together, but as friends, in different rooms. They’re in a relationship, but then again, they’re not. They seem to want the same things, but seem to have very little in common. Amid all this chaos, they find out that Ambar is pregnant. Nick doesn’t want the baby. How the two handle this dilemma is what will decide the direction of their relationship and be the real test of their love. Are they really made for each other? Are they actually compatible? Is this whole thing worth it? After all, if a relationship is what happens when you’re busy not thinking about it–then what does it mean when everything has to be such a “decision”? SALAAM NAMASTE offers a quirky take on life, love, and relationships as it looks at a fairy tale with a bit of a squint. Full of colour, humour, and zest, it is an endearing look at what being in love really means.

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